OCTOBER 13th TO 21st 2011




Souhila. So I want to know  if you got on well with  the Swedish?

Audrey and Joséphine: The Swedish were very funny and nice!!

S. What are the names of your pen-friends?

A- Her  name is Martina.

J - And mine  Emilia.

 S. What is your pen-friend like?

A -She is tall, blond with blue eyes. She is nice but really shy.

 J -Emilia is blond with  blue eyes and for her age she is very tall. And she is very nice.

 S. On October 20th you played bowling and you did orienteering, right?

A -Yes.

 J -The bowling was very funny.

 A -Yes, but the orienteering was very tiring .

 J -And I think the  Swedish liked the bowling .

 S. Who won the game of bowling?

A -In my group, Victoria won.

 J -And in my group I think it’s my pen-friend, but I don’t know who lost.

 S. Did you take a bus?

A -Yes , at 1.30.

J -And it stopped at 3.30.

S. Now I want to speak with you about orienteering : do you remember who won?

  J- It was Oskar  and Antoine. I think their score was 24 mn.

  S . How long did you run ?

 J - About 26minutes.

A - And me 32 minutes.

 S:Was it  funny or boring ?

A - It was funny but it was tiring.

J  - I agree with you .

S.Did you like to run ?

J - Yes with my pen-friend it was funny so I liked it.

A - Yes I agree with the  Swedish it was funny.

S. When you go to Sweden , will it be winter or summer ?

A - It will be in Winter.

S. There will be  a lot of snow, so you need to take special shoes ?

J - Yes, thick and warm shoes.

S. And after that how was the week end ?

A - On Saturday we went to London.

 J - On Sunday we had  a party at Anais’s house.

A - I went to Nausicaa on Sunday.

S. How long will you stay in Sweden ?

A - We will stay in Sweden one week in March .

S. Who will take your homework ?

J - For me it’s Adeline .

A - And me it is Beverly.

S. Did you have a nice week end ?

J - Yes it was great, because the Swedish were  funny and nice.

A - I really liked  the weekend. Me and my penfriend liked London and Nausicaa.

   Interview about Dunkerque and the Port Museum.

Tuesday, October 18th  


(AL), Alexandre (AF)and Emma (ED).


AF – Which visit did your pen-friends prefer? 

ED – My pen-friend preferred Sunpark because she loves slides.

AL – And my pen-friend preferred London because it's a big city and he had never been in a city like that.

AF – Are you impatient to see your pen-friend again?

ED – Yes, because she is nice, she smiles all the time, I get along with her.

AL – Yes, because I laugh a lot with him and I talked a lot with him.


AF – Where did you go on Tuesday, October 18th? 

ED – We visited Dunkerque and the Port Museum.


AF – What did you see in the museum? 

AL – We saw the sailing ship Duchesse Anne. We tried the students’ beds and we saw all the rooms.


AF – How did you go?

ED – We went by coach.


AF – What did you learn?

AL – The boat was a school boat for German children to become sailors.


AF – What monuments did you visit?

ED – We saw the port, the church, the belfry, the statue of Jean Bart, the "Porte de la Marine"


AF – Did your pen-friends bring a souvenir?

                ED: No, she didn't 

                 AL – No, Oskar didn't either..


AF – Were they interested? 

  AL – Yes, because they learnt lot a of things about the city.



         Interview about  Saturday, October 15th

  The visit of London

Did you like the visit of London? * Yes I liked it a lot.

What did you visit in London ? * We visited the National Gallery, Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, and we saw Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

What else did you do ? * We drove along Tower Bridge and we walked in Saint James’s Park.

What time did you go to London, and when did you come back? * We started  at 6.45 a.m and we came back at 10.00 p.m.

Where did you eat? * We ate in Saint James’s Park on the grass and we took our lunch.

Was it funny? *  Yes, it was funny because during the shopping, with my best friend,  we got lost because we were far from Govent Garden.

 Would you like to go back? * Yes, but with Antoine.


Your penfriend:

What is his name? Can you spell it?    * His name is Tobias.

How old is he?  * He is 12 years old. 

 Is he fun?   * Yes, but we are not the same age.

 Can you give me a physical description of your penfriend? * He is tall, of medium build, he has got blond hair and blue eyes.

 Are you impatient to go to Sweden?   * Yes because I will see a new country.

 Do you know what you will do in Sweden?   * Yes I know, we will go skiing, cross-country skiing ( we will walk with skis and we will push with ski poles.), we will do ski touring and after that I don’t know. I wonder if I will taste reindeer or Caribou.


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