Comenius EUropinion– European Section Project 2011 



First, they arrived on Tuesday 8th at about 6.00 PM. They looked for their respective pen-friend who was disguised with Carnival clothes and we ate some pancakes.

Then, Anaïs, Bertille, her pen-friend, mine and I went to my house to watch a DVD but finally, we played a board game called Jungle speed, we had a lot of fun !

The day after, the English and Spanish people (because the English were not alone !) went to Gand, a big and old city in Belgium whereas the French pupils had to stay at school.. to study ! But in the evening, Bertille organized a wonderful party in the wood (Yes, she lives in a wood !). We danced, we sang, each guest brought some food and then we shared it together. It was fantastic, it's a party that we can't forget.


On Thursday, in the morning we were in different groups with our pen-friend to make kites and then we did an orienteering competition in the school. During the afternoon we went to to Dunkerque to show them our city, with our monuments. Unfortunately there was a lot of wind but we found it interesting. During the evening, some pupils took part in a show like the Eurovision. All the parents were there and there was an awesome atmosphere. The “Euroboris” Project presented some dancers, singers and other artists.


  On Friday, at 6 a.m we left the north to go to the capital city : Paris !We started the day with a visit of Montmartre : a basilica perched at the top of a small Hill (Northen Paris) where philosophers and writers used to live a long time ago. Then we went  to see the Eiffel Tower and we had a small break on the Trocadero (place in front of the Eiffel tower) to have lunch. Later we saw Notre Dame and we walked in Paris following the Seine to go to a famous museum : Le Louvre. We entered the glass pyramid and we continued the visit with paintings like “Mona Lisa” or “The Raft of the Medusa”. We finished this interesting day with a nice break in the gardens of the Tuileries and on the Concorde Place (the biggest of Paris).


Saturday arrived. The day before we had come come back home quite late so we took advantage of the morning to sleep.. and sleep again ! Just after midday, my pen-friend and I went to see Bertille playing Basketball and support her. Actually, she lost but her team needed just 2 points more, that’s too bad.

At 3, everyone  went to the bowling alley of Dunkerque, next to the beach and then, we took part  in a competition of kite-flying. The kite had to be beautiful AND, sure to be able to fly ! For once, there was no wind at all so it was a bit difficult but everyone tried and in the end  it was fun. We took the last pictures all together and went back home. Some other people and I finished the evening at Johann’s, in the  wood again.. lol.


Sunday Morning. Day called “Bande de Malo – Anniversaire de Mallau*”. It was the second day that we could  sleep a little bit. Mallaury and her family wanted to show the real Carnival of Dunkerque to the English. So we ate at her place and went to the “Bande de Malo”, with costumes of course. I think they found it strange and they didn’t understand all the  traditions but it’s not a problem : now, they know it. To finish the week, we stayed together (again and always) and talked a lot.


On Monday, at 8.30 a.m, they left and went back home. It was the last day, we will miss them so much.. see you soon in May, Guys !!


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