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Chemins de traverses européens

2010 Last day Echanges

2010 Last day

Friday, October 22nd Mencia de Mendoza Lyceum, specialized in language teaching is both a lower and higher secondary...

22 Octobre 2010

2010 Amstel Dam Echanges

2010 Amstel Dam

Thursday, October 21st We left this morning at about 9.15 by coach. After two hours’drive, we arrived in Amsterdam...

21 Octobre 2010

2010 Bredadidodu Echanges

2010 Bredadidodu

We went from the school to the city centre of Breda after a long and tiring bicycle ride… Our journey was again...

20 Octobre 2010

2010 Parc à Efteling Echanges

2010 Parc à Efteling

In Tuesday, october 19th we all went to a park called Efteling. It's a big attraction park situated in Kaatsheuvel....

19 Octobre 2010

2010 Hollande, nous voilà Echanges

2010 Hollande, nous voilà

At 9.15, we went on the bus. We left Coudekerque and our parents with tears in our eyes (just kidding). After three...

18 Octobre 2010

2010-2012 €Uropinion Présentation du projet

2010-2012 €Uropinion

Le nouveau projet a été accepté par l'union européenne! 2010-2012 €Uropinion September to December 2010 Member...

13 Octobre 2010